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Kaylight (aka Kayla Lynn) a NYC native; lives a life of passion expressed through personal style, charm and the cultivation of life’s pleasures. Kayla enjoys designing fashion that evokes emotion and empowers the consumer to be able to express themselves through their clothing. Ever since she could remember, Kayla has been obsessed with fashion. Kayla first discovered her love for drawing clothing and prints at the early age of 7. She would spend hours recreating her own versions of the “Delias” mail order catalog.

Kaylight launched her professional career in 2009 when she received a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts specializing in Womenswear and Intimate Apparel from the Fashion Institute of Technology. With 11 years of experience using Adobe Suite, Kayla has mastered graphic design, print and illustration. She has also successfully designed, merchandised and foreseen many collections from concept to production making her an expert in the industry. Kaylight has designed for companies such as Victoria's Secret, Urban Outfitter's, American Eagle, Express, Sam Edelman, Madonna, and Jessica Simpson to name a few.

In addition to her passion for clothing design, Kaylight is always looking for new inspiration through various types of art forms, such as dance, music, photography, art direction and event production. For example, Kaylight is also a house DJ. She first discovered techno music while studying abroad in Milan Italy in 2008 which sparked her fascination towards electronic music. Kaylight has been in the underground deep house scene in NYC since 2010 and has been actively growing as a DJ ever since. Influenced by many artist’s throughout the world, Kaylight enjoys mixing tracks that evoke emotion and take her listeners on a journey through the mind, body and soul.